Please support our organization by making a donation to help us preserve these stories and our military heritage.

          Just a few days ago, due to a funding gap, we were prepared to close the doors of our Military Museum and scale back to just temporary exhibits in a "mobile museum" format. The final day to view the current exhibit would have been Saturday March 11th, 2017. We had appreciated the opportunity to serve the public of Fort Worth for the past 8 years operating the physical museum. After much soul searching we were at peace with the necessity of closing it down, but looked forward to continuing to serve the public with temporary exhibits scattered around the city. Then that all changed with one Facebook post about our closing. We honestly expected little to no response, our attendance had dwindled to 80 a month and it just seemed we were doomed.

        Out of the blue we were contacted by the Star Telegram about our closing and they ran a story. Next NBC sent a crew over, and Fort Worth Business Press stopped by again, and since the post of our closing we have had more response than ever in our history. Attendance has skyrocketed from 4-5 a day to over 150 per day. People are offering to volunteer, which we desperately need. But the greatest contact of all came from a group of like-minded people that run a wonderful veterans tribute organization named Roll Call, that holds a luncheon on the last Friday of each month. We were also blessed by the Carl E. Kessler Foundation for working with Roll Call to keep us funded for the next 6 months. They are interested in looking into the feasibility of moving the museum to a new location that might give these incredible stories and artifacts a more visible and accessible home for the public to visit. 

Right now we have real needs to keep this momentum going. The following are things you can do to help.

Awareness - Please come in and visit the museum and sign the registry before the end of the 6 months comes. Challenge 4-5 of your friends and family to do the same, this multiplier effect really can make things grow quickly to sustainable levels. If we really want to have a place to honor these veterans where we can also teach our children about the past we have to show up and actually take them while it is around.

Volunteers -  We are in need of people that are interested in working at the museum and helping guests with their questions about the items. We also use volunteers to catalog artifacts and books. We need people to digitize items for our growing archive. We need volunteers to go to our temporary exhibits and install and strike displays. We have all sorts of needs from sitting and greeting people to really getting your hands on the history. There is plenty to do some come and enjoy the fun.


Funding  - We do have the beginning of some real financial support as we previously mentioned, but it will ultimately be the donations of the general public that will make a success or failure of this effort. Financial donations no matter how large or small are what keep non-profits up and running. Please give today.

Brief list of our efforts so far:
Open for 7 years and 9 months
Served more than 9,800 museum visitors
18,810 volunteer hours given, and counting
16 major exhibit rotations
500+ Veterans’ stories shared
13,000+ artifacts displayed
5 Veterans Days parades
5-7 book signings
1 Benefit Concert
12 Veterans Day outreach exhibits in 8 years
50+ outreach exhibits (air shows, retirement centers, gun shows, hotels, galleries)

Will We Stay or Will We Go?

Our survival hangs in the balance of the response from the public.​​​